Our story follows the daily lives of two soldiers Tom and Joe who meet in hospital after fighting on the front line, they make a connection over wistful stories of ‘back home’.  In parallel we see Tom’s family back home, who also have a hard time making up the difference left by Tom’s absence.  We also meet the doctors, nurses and padre that help the soldiers recover.  The moment that the Armistice is announced we witness the unprecedented reaction by everyday people who have been dragged into a war which far-exceeded expectation of duration, commitment and sacrifice.  The show leaves us with the important notion that remembering the servicemen and women and commemorating their sacrifices is important to their legacy, our individual stories, and our national identity.   Our Armistice Subcommittee has received a number of large grants and sponsorships from government bodies and companies including Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Defence Health, Defence Bank,  Bendigo Bank, Rotary Club of Southern Mitchell, GMCU, and Broadford RSL to assist us in producing our show.

An outstanding art show in regional Victoria- because we believe that 'arts' are a fundamental and essential component of thriving communities. 

Paintings from all over Victoria and interstate

Art Beyond the Divide

19 to 21 October

Wine x Sam: 69-71 Anzac Ave, Seymour



Fri 7pm, Sat & Sun 9am

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